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What it is Acid Rain

And the rain fell sideways that day as if to say, "I will wash it all away"...

"Acid rain is caused when fine particles from fossil fuel emissions combine with water in the atmosphere", says the EPA.

Acid rain poisons lakes and streams killing aquatic life, destroys trees and plant life as well as slows their regrowth, and damages homes. As if that's not enough, it's killing us.

"Many scientific studies have identified a relationship between elevated levels of fine particles and increased illness and premature death from heart and lung disorders, such as asthma and bronchitis."- Effects of Acid Rain by the EPA.

The question is, what can you do to stop the rain?

Reduce our use, step one to beating acid rain.

The solution to both acid rain and other pollution issues starts in your own home. Reduce your usage and save yourself money in the process. Some ideas include;

  • Install energy efficient bulbs, turn out lights and all other electric appliances when not in use.
  • Weatherize your home to prevent excess utility use, and keep all vents and filters clean and maintained.
  • Lean more about water pollution effects.
  • Run dishwasher and laundry only with full loads, let the sun dry them on nice days.
  • Loose unnecessary amenities like air conditioning, and garbage compactors.
  • Turn down the heat at night or when not at home.
  • Install a low flow shower head and toilet.
  • Recycle or Re-use, anything and everything you can.
  • Carpool, ride bikes or walk as much as possible. When you have to drive avoid idling, keep your vehicle maintained, and drive at moderate speeds. (Transportation is the leading cause of emissions in the United States)
  • Buy local goods. If it came from home, it wasn't driven to you.
  • Use cloth shopping bags.
  • Convert bill pay to online to avoid paper use.
  • Look into alternative means of producing energy. Solar power, for example, is becoming an inexpensive and earth-friendly choice.
  • Become more self-sufficient. Grow your own garden.

Restoring our planet, step two to beating acid rain.

Streams and lakes can be temporarily returned to a neutral state with a method successfully used in Sweden and Norway already. The process which involves adding powdered limestone to the water is expensive, so it hasn't been put to use in the United States.


Greed in our country is allowing our waters to die, while we search for an answer to acid rain when America's waters could be preserved in the meantime. We the people of the United States must petition our government to save our lakes and streams before it's too late.


Experts estimate that in 70 years less than 1/4 of today's forests will still be standing due to the effects of deforestation, pollution, population growth and acid rain. Replanting trees even in your own backyard can help the problem. Trees and other plant life also act as filters producing clean oxygen and reducing air pollution that causes acid rain in the first place. Join the fight against deforestation and replant what you can.


The world over has only just begun to recognize that our effect on our planet is negative, and in the end what we have done will kill both our race and our home planet. They should have noticed 20 years ago. They should have noticed 40 years ago, but perhaps it's not too late to stop the effect of pollution such as acid rain. It takes one drop to begin a waterfall, it makes you start a change.